JS Industries

Jason Stevenson (JS) has been at the top of surfboard design and innovation for almost 20 years.  He shapes the weapons of choice for some of the biggest names in the surfing world – former world champions  and some of the most recognisible names on the CT. His enviable roll-call of surfing greats includes Mark “Occy” Occhilupo, Joel Parkinson, the Irons brothers, Julian Wilson, Dusty Payne, and the Wright family. JS surfboards are a staple on the WSL circuit which says a lot, many of the best, fastest, most innovative surfers on tour trust JS surfboards to allow them to perform at their absolute best. JS himself was almost a pro surfer, and can often be found conducting his own R&D on concept models. Around 10 years ago, Jason Beach (KB owner) went to Australia and met JS. The two got to talking and it led to Kannon Beach being one of the first shops to carry JS boards in Canada. We are happy to announce JS’s proud return to the Kannon Beach’s shelves. JS’s Newest HYFI (Hybrid Fiber) technology is Ideal for East Coast surf conditions. They are built for generating speed on mushier sections



This wasn’t a lucky accident. It took two years of research and development involving half a dozen of the world’s best surfers and most skilled designers to reach this point, where HYFI is now the pinnacle of surfboard construction to date. Precision engineered to be faster, stronger and lighter than anything else out there. Welcome to the future.” – JS Industries

“I think the speed coming out of a turn is what I love the most. You can feel when you’re half way through, it doesn’t bog down – it just accelerates more, which makes for fun surfing.” – Joel Parkinson

KB Team Rider, Roman: “Scotian sled. Grovel Magic. Longboard slayer” – 5’4 Psycho Nitro

KB Owner, Jason: “It feels like a rocket ship beneath my feet”  – 5’10 Nitro

MonstaBox HYFI

Hayden Shapes
Haydenshapes Surfboards is a modern performance surfboard brand founded in 1997 in Sydney, Australia, by Hayden Cox at the age of 15. Inspired by design, technology, innovation and simple/clean aesthetic, Haydenshapes is sold in over 70 countries worldwide with a brand base and offices in both the USA and Australia. With a large focus on innovative performance surfboards, Haydenshapes aims to construct and provide premium performance designs that are fun to surf and work to improve the ability of the everyday surfer. Haydenshapes’ foundations revolve around modern design and innovation. The brands monochromatic black and white aesthetic is identified by the use of our signature FutureFlex parabolic carbon fiber rail, an innovative surfboard technology developed and patented by Hayden Cox and launched to market in 2006. – HS Website

Hayden Cox has been working with the likes of Craig Anderson and Dion Aigus to develop award winning surfboards like the Hypto Krypto-3X surfboard of the year. The high volume with a pulled in tail, and epoxy construction make the Hypto Krypto a quiver killer, and an all-around great board for Nova Scotia. In fact I remember seeing Craig ripping on what I am pretty sure was a Hypto Krypto here in Nova Scotia just a few short years ago.