2020 Severne Turbo GT 7.5 CC3

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The Severne Turbo GT is the perfect free ride sail for the Nova Scotian summer. This windsurfing sail is a cambered, easy to use, freeride style sail that will take you for a joyride! This is a great for anyone wanting a sail that is lightweight, forgiving as far as cambered sails go, high-speed, and quick to plane for the ultimate freeride windsurfing experience. The Turbo GT was designed to be an easy to handle, lightweight, yet powerful cambered sail. The Turbo has either 1 or 2 cams dependent on sail size- all of the cambers sit below the boom, keeping the power of the sail lower and easier to control compared to traditional cambered sails. It has a lightweight feel that is achieved by Severne’s monofilm/x-ly and spiderfiber material, in addition to a dropped clew which takes weight out of the sail and also makes it easy to maneuver. These features combined with camber location make tacking and jibing with a big sail much easier!