Beginner surfboards in Nova Scotia -

Beginner Surfboards: Our Recommendations

If you’re headed to our shop in Lawrencetown, just 30 minutes from Halifax, some key advice you’ll hear from any Kannon Beach staff when looking for your first beginner surfboard is the longer the board the better. Learning to surf on a surfboard that’s too small for you will only slow down your progression.


Your first board should be between 8’0” and 9’6” length, depending on your weight. Someone 120lbs might be able to start on a 55L board while someone 180lbs would want closer to 85L in their board. If your board is too small or doesn’t have enough float (volume) then you find it extremely difficult to catch any waves.


Our recommendation for your first surfboard is a Torq, here’s why:

  • Extremely durable. Damaging your first surfboard is probably unavoidable so at least Torq’s epoxy construction makes dinging your board difficult to do. This means you're spending less $$ on repairs or replacement boards!
  • Available in hardtop and sof-ttop. You’re getting a proper surfboard when you get a Torq, not a softboard. If you’re looking for a softer surface to learn on, we have soft-top Torqs which are their normal high-quality epoxy construction surfboards but with a foam layer on top.
  • Beginner and intermediate friendly. Torq focuses on surfboard technology that will last and perform so you can both learn how to surf and progress on a Torq.
  • Sustainable. Torq also has the cleanest lowest waste surfboard making process in the market today.


You can order through our website: 8'0" beginner surfboard, 9'0" beginner surfboard, or 9'6" beginner surfboard

Or, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 902 434 3040, message us on our Instagram, or come into the shop in the MacDonald House in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.