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Kannon Beach Surf


Our Mission & Vision 
Kannon Beach was founded in 1994 as a result of passion for all things ocean. People had been surfing for generations, but the industry had not adapted to colder climates. Surfers in Nova Scotia had world class waves, but were unable to access quality gear. This led Jason (Kannon) Beach to leave his career as a professional wind-surfer with the ultimate goal of bringing surfing, wind-surfing, and all things ocean-oriented to Canada, et voila; Kannon Beach was born.

Contact us:
E-Mail: store@kannonbeach.com
Phone: (902)-434-3040
Location: 4144 Lawrencetown Rd, B2Z 1P9

Open Communication Individual Focus  Anchored at Sea
Anytime. Anywhere. Kannon Beach always offers an honest and candid perspective through open communication on brands, products, materials, surfing technique, tips and tricks, and much more. Ask and we will tell.  Kannon Beach takes an adaptive approach to customer service which focusses on each individual to  ensure the best possible user experience, and to build knowledge of the ocean’s many nuances in a safe and supportive environment. Uniquely located in historic property, MacDonald House, in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Kannon Beach has the ability to test many of the products it carries. Allowing for hands-on knowledge and the reassurance that all products are tried and true.