Kannon Beach Holiday Gift Guide

Kannon Beach Holiday Gift Guide

Gift ideas for the surfer in your life.

Surfers are hard to shop for! Especially in Nova Scotia where we need a little extra gear to stay warm. This list is has something within every price range, and everything on this list is something that a surfer would be psyched to receive as a gift.

We also have a large selection of surf lifestyle clothing available in-store; from our own shop gear, to the major brands (Quiksilver, Billabong, Ripcurl, Reef, Firewire, Sexwax, Slater Designs), and local companies like Brother Clothing Company and Julien Surfboards (https://brotherclothingco.com/).

If you're not exactly sure, give the gift of choice with a Kannon Beach Gift Card!

  1. $0-$10

    Sex Wax X-Cold (for water temps of 14 deg celcius & below)
    Surfers need this every time they head out, the perfect stocking stuffer.

    ** We also have sexwax air fresheners available for $6.50**

  2. $10-$50
    Buy Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Leashes Online-Kannonbeach – kannonbeach
    The surf leash
    An essential accessory that they wont want to spend their own money on (its not the most glamorous thing on the market, but its necessary, and boy will the surfer in your life appreciate not having to buy it). You're looking for this to be roughly the same length as their board.

    Ding Repair:
    An excellent gift for a surfer who is about to head out on a trip, or who has been neglecting their equipment.

  3. $50-$150

       2023 Xcel Drylock 7mm Wetsuit Mittens XW21ACV77387 - Black - Wetsuits -  Accessories | Watersports Outlet

    Change Poncho
    These are the best! For not flashing people when changing roadside, for wind protection during the winter months, and just for when you get out of the shower!
    A purchase you will not regret for surfing in Nova Scotia.

    Mitts/Gloves and Boots:
    Warm mitts and boots can make or break a session. In the dead of winter, Nova Scotia surfers use 7-8mm boots and usually 7mm mitts. & If you're not sure what brand your buddy prefers, then Xcel is a safe bet! 

    Surf Ears 3.0
    SurfEars, earplugs that let sound in and keep water out. They come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to find a comfortable and secure fit. Suitable for surfing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, wake boarding  and other water activities. ** "Surfers Ear" is a major problem for cold water surfers**

  4. $250-400
    Women's Surfing Fullsuit Wetsuits - Buell Wetsuits & Surf

    4/3mm Wetsuit: A must have for any Nova Scotia surfer...here's why!! 

  5. $300+
    Wetsuit Guide – Xcel Wetsuits
    Winter Wetsuits: 
    If your loved one has caught the surfing bug, winter surfing is probably on their radar. Protect your loved one with a warm winter wetsuit this year.

    Warmest Men's Winter suit: Xcel Drylock X 5/4 
    Warmest Women's Winter suit: Xcel Drylock 6/5  

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