Matt McCarthy

aka: Matty

Date of birth: 11/28/2004

Born: Halifax

Resides: Cow Bay

Siblings: Amy McCarthy

significant other: A few

Hobbies: Snowboarding and sailing


weight: 145

Height: 5'7

Stance: Regular

Years surfing: 10ish

Sponsors: Kannon Beach and Buell Wetsuits

Quiver: 5'7 Chilli Hot Knife, 5'4 Julien Twin, and a couple beaters

favourite wave(s): Minutes

Favourite maneuver(s): Anything I can land without looking like a goofball

Favourite surfer(s): John John is a huge beauty

Accomplishments: Being the handsomest employee Kannon Beach has ever seen

Additional comments: I got to ride on Jasons E-foil