Chuck Mckinnon

Charles McKinnon aka Chuck

February 1st 1975

Resides: Halifax

Siblings: Older Brother Frank, 2 Younger sisters Catriona and Alison

Offspring: Son, Roan who is 5 and Daughter Maggie who is 2

Hobbies: Coaching the kids soccer, hockey, skiing, playing beer league Hockey

Favorite surf movie: Shelter


Height: 6’1
Stance: Goofy
Years Surfing: 21
Sponsor: Shop at KB, my paycheck
Quiver: Sups 9’5 to 14’, surfboards 6’2 to 10ft
Favorite Waves: Left point at LT and some of our lefts down the South Shore
Favorite maneuver: Just trying to have a nice flow on the wave.
Favorite Surfer: Kai Lenny
Accomplishments: Trying to juggle family life, work, and getting in the water as often as possible