Nathan Hill

Aka: Young blood

Date of birth: 02/23/1991

Born: Dartmouth

Resides: Dartmouth

Siblings: brother

Significant other: yep

Offspring: Marty

Hobbies: living, laughing, and loving


Weight: 170

Height: 6'0

Stance: Regular

Years surfing: 15

Sponsors: Kannon Beach

Quiver: 6'1"...Lost Driver 2.0, 5'10"...Lost Psycho Killer

Favourite waves: If i told you JD would have to kill me... And Martinique beach

Favourite maneuver(s): The iron lotus

Favourite surfer(s): Bhodi, Rick kane, and Roman

Accomplishments: Making it to this page

Additional comments: YOU KNOW DA RULEZ