Jenner Cormier

...but also 

Jenner Christopher Oneill Cormier

AKA: Biggie, Johnny

D.O.B:  April 25th 1986
Born: Edmonton, AB
Offspring: Too young for those
Hobbies: skateboards are fun, eating sharks, bodysurfing, mixing
Favorite surf movie: sprout, occumentary, any of the drive thrus (except California), sipping jetstreams, yield, 3 Degrees, Momentum 1&2 and UTI, North Shore, Mixed Tape


 Weight:194-197 lbs

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Stance: regular

Years surfing: 15

Sponsors: without Jason I wouldn’t be where I am with my surfing, so I owe it all to him.

Quiver: 5’10 twin keel, 6’4” JS, 9’6” Watercooled noserider

Favorite waves: Any good beach break, and a couple secret gems… sorry

Favorite maneuver(s): Barrels, soul arch, long drawn out carves, noseriding

Favorite surfer(s): Donny, Dan Malloy, Noodles, Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado, Tom Wegener, Alex Knost, Dean Morrison, Paul Camilleri, Glen Werth, Nico, Romo, Junior

Accomplishments: Bar Kismet, and running a successful ad agency in manhattan... wait thats Don Draper