Roman Husiuk

Aka: Depends

Date of birth: 11/11/1980

Born: Victoria BC

Resides: Earth

Siblings: one

Offspring: Great band

Hobbies: none


Weight: 155

height: 5'6

Stance: Regular

Years surfing: 20+

Sponsors: KB

Quiver: 5.4 JS Psycho Nitro, 5.6 Lost Rad Ripper, 5.8 Sharpeye Game Changer, 5.9 Sharpeye Disco Inferno

Favourite waves: wherever is clean, and has good vibes, and anywhere in indo

Favourite maneuver(s): A solid nova scotia barrel is a good move

Favourite surfer(s): E. Ewing right now

Accomplishments: Making it past 40 without being completely homeless