Logan Landry

AKA: Looogan?  Blowgun.
D.O.B: 1989
Born: Berwick
Resides: Cow Bay
Hobbies: fishing, trucks, skating, mountain biking, snowboarding
Favorite surf movie: Modern Collective


Weight: 165
Height: 6'1
Stance: Goofball
Years surfing: 19
Sponsors: Brixton, Jack Links, Yeti, Adelio, Smith Optics, Creatures of Leisure, Kannon Beach
Quiver: 30 surfboards... for like, no reason.
Favorite waves: Seawalls, south shore spots
Favorite maneuver(s): Airs & Barrels 
Favorite surfer(s): Chippa 
Accomplishments: Few contest W's, lotsa magazine stuff, couple video parts, never having an actual job.


The most stoked guy in the water, period. If you go surfing with Logan you are frothing the whole way... until you get there and its knee high. Logan is also the type of guy who will drive 30 minutes to pick you up at shop because your PT Cruiser cant make it out of the driveway, let you crash at his house, and drive you back to the shop in the morning. Cheers, Bud.