Canadian Goose

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The Goose is the ultimate in classic and performance longboard surfing. The board has a gentle rocker to allow for waves up to head high, the 60/40 rail fits snuggly into the wave, with a nose that allows you to hang ten comfortably without compromising the ease and responsiveness of quick reactive turns and drive down the line for faster sections. This board was special designed for Nova Scotia Surf.

This is the first year of the Canada Goose and it has quickly become a staff favourite

"Spider Murphy really nailed this shape, it's the most maneuverable noserider I've ever been on. I can noseride this board.. and I cant normally noseride"    -Jason Beach (shop owner)



Wood Grain designs are hand painted therefore every design is different. If there is a certain size in a woodgrain colour you are interested in want to know the exact design contact us at