Blocksurf Wrap Racks: Single and Double

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  • HEAVY-DUTY SURFBOARD SOFT ROOF RACKS: These soft racks securely holds 1-3 shortboards, or 2 longboards on top of any vehicle (depending on board width and thickness). These racks utilize heavy oversized nylon UV treated webbing straps and rubber nonskid foam pads. 
  • CORROSION RESISTANT PROTECTIVE COVERED BUCKLES: Heavy-duty aircraft metal buckles with silicone casings protects against saltwater and all weather conditions thus extending the life of your Wrap Rax surf racks for many years of use
  • UNIVERSAL FIT FOR CARS, TRUCKS, AND SUVs: Enjoy the freedom of being able to use your Wrap Rax no matter what type of vehicle you drive. For easy application please view instructions on the back of your Wrap Rax Pro carrying bag and in the A+ Content area below
  • NO ROOF BARS OR GUTTERS REQUIRED: Wrap Rax strap directly onto your vehicle's roof with no additional equipment needed. Enjoy safe and easy surfboard transportation without having to break the bank on a set of hard roof bars
  • SERVING SURFERS SINCE 1971: Block Surf has been providing surfers with the highest quality gear for over 50 years


  • 2 pads that sit beside each other with the capacity to securely hold 1-3 shortboards, or 2 longboards per pad (up to 6 shortboards depnedning on sizes) on top of any vehicle.