Dewey Weber Red Large Hatchet Fin

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The Dewey Weber Hatchet Fin was designed by Dewey in 1965. The original template was a massive 18” and was called the ‘Turn Fin’, before adopting the nickname, the ‘Hatchet Fin’. Once the function of the fin was set, Dewey worked on a profile that would be synonymous with the Weber Performer & Dewey Weber Surfboards

This Hatchet Fin features the classic Dewey Weber logo.

The Dewey Weber Surfboards logo is one of the most recognizable marks in surf culture. Its crisp lines, powerful flow and classic look are iconic; the perfect balance of individuality and style. Much like the moment when surfer, board and wave align to produce effortless acceleration, the classic logo exists in full trim.

As a prominent and highly influential figure in the early days of the surf industry, Dewey Weber maintained a focus not only on innovation but also on craftsmanship and education. An ongoing commitment to these original core principles continues to set Dewey Weber Surfboards apart in a surf industry that has often favored rapid growth and mass production methods over quality and individualized experience.