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On the heels of the Legacy Series release, Jordy was inspired by the look of the Rake Large template and asked for a set with a smaller centre fin. The start of 2019 was his window to test them and from the first sessions in Mozambique, the fin felt like a winner. With a black tonal camo pattern for vibe, Jordy will be taking this fin to battle. 

Large (180lb+) (80kg+)

Side Fins - Center Fin
Area: 15.92 - 15.29
Height: 4.68 - 4.49
Base: - 4.65 4.56

Flat foiled fins break free sooner, and are better at controlling speed. Often surfers prefer them in fast powerful surf where they do not need to create additional speed. If you have muscle memory from riding glass-ons, flat foiled fins will feel the closest.

A lightweight hexagonal core gives these fins the feel of glass-ons. Engineered with a medium flex pattern, these are stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than Fiberglass.