Naish Nalu 10'6" GTW

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All-Around Classic 

Classic longboard surfing performance, touring, or flatwater cruising — the Nalu boards offer excellent performance and versatility. With decreased volume in the nose and tail areas, resulting in an extremely responsive board with easy maneuverability. New for this year we have added a 10’9” for an ultimate all-arounder. The Nalu is your one-board solution for any condition, SUP discipline, or performance level. Get on the water and let the Nalu do the talking.


Thruster Fin Setup (MFC Center Fin 9.0 + (2) MFC Side Fins 4.5)
The thruster fin setup provides great drive and snappy turns off the top.

Ledge Handle
Provides easy handling and effortless carrying to and from the water.

Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
The grooved and embossed EVA pad is lightweight, ensuring a strong grip and better durability over time.

M8 Insert
Easily attach a windsurf universal and rig to the M8 insert and to increase your days on the water.

Nalu 10’6” GTW is ideal for riders up to 200 lbs/91 kg
Nalu 10’9” GTW is ideal for riders up to 200 lbs/91 kg
Nalu 11’0” GTW is ideal for riders up to 210 lbs/95 kg
Nalu 11’4” GTW is ideal for riders up to 220 lbs/100 kg