Olite Split-Mitt 6:4

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The 6:4 Split-Mitt features a unique Thermal-Rebound plush, quick-dry interior lining material. Thermal-Rebound material features a thin, flexible metallic grid-layer between the neoprene and the outer lining, reflecting body heat back to the skin for enhanced warmth. Lab tests on the Thermal Rebound laminate show an increase in insulation exceeding 10%, which extends your sessions and increases your odds of getting the wave of the day.

Pre-Curved Fingers and Minimal Seams

The 6:4 Split-Mitt has a pre-curved, anatomical shape out of the box, putting your hand and fingers in perfect paddling position without any strain on the hands/fingers. This shape reduces fatigue and allows longer, warmer, more comfortable sessions.

Unlike "lobster-claw" style gloves, our exclusive Split-Mitt design joins your pointer finger with your middle finger to insure the pointer finger stays warm. This simple but effective design allows you to have the same warmth as a mitten, without the clumsiness of all fingers in one pocket

Flexibility, durability, and comfort is also optimized with minimal seam construction. Most gloves feature 4 or more neoprene panels, reducing flexibility, comfort, and providing more seams to leak. The 6:4 Split-Mitt only has 3 panels: a single back panel, single palm panel, and EZ-O cuff panel. This simplified pattern results in incredible comfort, easy on/off, and versatile fit for a variety of hand shapes.

Recommended Water Temp: 32F/0C+