Starboard SUP Go Litetech 11'2

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The friendly fun board that makes any paddler feel pro

The perfect introductory/ beginner paddle board for first time paddlers who want to paddle fast and stay dry. A progressive, versatile shape sporting a big bottom concave and boxy rails for unmatched stability, speed and glide potential. The GO board range accommodates all rider weights and abilities with sizes that range from the longer & faster 12’0” to the more maneuverable 10’2” length size option. The bigger sizes offer the most stability from the wider outline, while the shorter narrower boards are suited for lighter riders offering greater tracking and maneuverability. It’s one of the best stand up paddleboarding experiences you can have on flat water or in light wind & choppy conditions.
  • Wide tail and nose provides an entirely smooth and balanced trim for efficient paddling over distance. You can step back for a snap turn or count on the nose area for added stability in chop.
  • Deep center channel creates a flatter middle rocker for the most efficient and long-lasting glide. Similar to our award-winning All Star race boards.
  • Bottom side plane creates a stable platform for unmatched balance. It’s really the catamaran concept with volume further out from the middle enhancing stability. Larger sizes are perfect for yoga and fitness.
  • The boxy rails increase the stability of the board and limits water flowing onto the deck, keeping feet and gear dry, essential in cooler climates.


• Velcro loop to attach your paddle.
• Easier to carry as the board simply hangs effortlessly on the shoulder and free up your hand to multi-task, hold your coffee, or phone.


  • Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail/ nose reinforcements.
  • Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area.
  • Comes with shoulder carry strap inserts. Starboard shoulder carry strap can be purchased aftermarket.
  • All inserts have added high-density foam reinforcements.